Chair of Simulation and Modeling Metallurgical Processes

As part of the Metallurgy Department of the University Leoben, the chair is working on different projects concerning numerical modeling of metallurgical processes, such as Continuous Casting of Steel, Copper and Aluminium, Ingot Casting, Electro-Slag-Remelting etc.. In addition, we are doing basic research on the interaction between turbulence and soldification, flow through dendritic mushy zones and coupled and/or ocillatory growth of peritectics. The last topic will lead to an experiment on the International Space Station (ISS) in 2015.

Beside our research activities we are giving different lectures and exercises on fundamentals of numerical modeling, application of simulation in steel and non-ferrous metal production as well as foundary technology.

On this site we are giving an overview about us and our activities. For those of you who are highly interested in solidification and solidification related phenomena be aware of the recent text book by Dantzig and Rappaz. The last link also provides you with quite a few movies on the topic.

Andreas Ludwig, Full Professor

Dr. Kharicha has become Chairman of the LMPC 2015 Int. Conf.

The scientific committee of the Int. Conf on "Liquid Metal Processing & Casting" (LMPC) has decided at their last meeting Sept. 24 2013 in Austin, Texas, that the LMPC2015 conf. will be held in Austria and chaired by Dr. Kharicha. The local organisation was given to ASMET. Congratulations

World Champion

The database SCOPUS reveals that Prof. Ludwig is the world-leading scientist with regards of publications on macrosegregation (since Spring 2013). Prof. Wu presently helds the fourth position in this "discipline".

New FFG "Bridge Early Stage" Project

At their meeting on Dec. 4 2013, the steering board of FFG has decided to accept our proposal on "On the Formation of Macrosegregation during Vertical Continuous Casting of Large Round Steel Rods" which we applied for together with Siemens-VAI. As Prof. Wu was the scientist responsible for the application, we would like to give great credits to him. Congratulation Menghuai!

Total number of SMMP publications: 300
(by July 21 2014)

116 Journals
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  27 Non-Peer Reviewed Publications