Handover of office

On Friday, March 1st, em. Univ. Prof. habil. Dr. rer.nat. Andreas LUDWIG officially handed over the chair to his successor, Univ.-Prof. habil. Dr. Abdellah KHARICHA.

The ESA - Exhibition continues

From 12.01.2024 until 30.01.2024 in "KulturQuartier" in Leoben.

ESA - Exhibition November 2023 @ MUL

New µg-campaign onboard the International Space Station (ISS)

Layered peritectic solidification experiments will be performed onboard the ISS from October 4 to 17. These experiments will focus on investigating the dynamic behavior of the solid-liquid interface within the organic model system TRIS-NPG.

Solidification experiments conducted on the International Space Station (ISS) have pushed the boundaries of materials science, offering distinctive perspectives into the fundamental mechanisms of layered peritectic solidification patterns, like bands and peritectic coupled growth. Such pattern can occur for process conditions where both phases (pro-peritectic and peritectic) solidify planar. To do so, the organic transparent components TRIS and NPG are used as a model system since both components show a transparent plastic crystal in their high temperature phases. This, and a peritectic plateau, enables the in-situ observation of peritectic solidification patterns since plastic crystals solidify metal like. Within the microgravity confines of the ISS, the Chair for Modeling and Simulation of Metallurgical Processes has the unprecedented opportunity to conduct experiments with the ESA-constructed TRANSPARENT ALLOYS device, which in fact is nothing more but a Bridgman-furnace. Such experiments would be unfeasible on Earth due to the absence of gravitational influences on the solidification process onboard the ISS. This distinctive microgravity setting promises to yield invaluable data, paving the way for advancements in materials science and diverse industrial applications, ultimately benefiting both the realm of science and society as a whole.