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Upcoming Int. Conferences

ESCO 2020 - 7th European Seminar on Computing

June 4, 2020, online

our contribution:

Induced Current Distribution During Electromagnetic Braking of the Turbulent Melt Flow
A. Vakhrushev, A. Kharicha, M. Wu, A. Ludwig, G. Nitzl, Y. Tang, G. Hackl, J. Watzinger  


MCWASP XV: Modelling of Casting, Welding, and Advanced Solidification Processes

June 22-23, 2020, online
Deadline for Abstracts: 15. Sept. 2019

our contributions:

Modelling of shear bands during solidification
C. Rodrigues, A. Ludwig, M. Wu, A. Kharicha

Impact of Crystal Sedimentation and Viscoplastic Semi-solid Dynamics on Macrosegregation
C. Rodrigues, A. Ludwig, M. Wu, A. Kharicha, A. Vakhrushev

Numerical investigation of an in-situ observed flow regimes during solidification of an NH 4Cl – 70 wt.%H 2O solution
M. Wu, M. Stefan-Kharicha, A. Kharicha, A. Ludwig

Influence of crystal fragmentation on the CET and macrosegregation during directional solidifications under forced convection condition
H. Zhang, M. Wu, Z. Zhang, A. Ludwig, A. Kharicha

A mixed columnar-equiaxed modeling of the solidification of Sn-10wt.%Pb alloy under forced convection driven by travelling magnetic stirring
Z. Zhang, M. Wu, H. Zhang, E. Karimi-Sibaki, A. Ludwig, A. Kharicha

Modelling viscoplastic behaviour of solidifying shell under applied electromagnetic breaking during continuous casting
A. Vakhrushev, A. Kharicha, M.Wu, A. Ludwig, G. Nitzl, Y. Tang, G. Hackl, J. Watzinger, C. Rodrigues