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Upcoming Int. Conferences

EASES 2021

June 16-18, 2021, Aachen, Germany
Deadline for Abstracts: 10.05.2021

our contributions:

Exploring the Physics of Electric Arc Furnace
M. Al-Nasser, A. Kharicha, M. Abdi, H. Barati, M. Wu, A. Ludwig, C. Redl, H. Holzgruber, A. Ishmurzin, C. Pichler, G. Hackl, M. Gruber, Y. Tang


EUROMAT 2021 Conference

September 12-16, 2021, Graz, Austria
Deadline for Abstracts: 31. Jan. 2021

our contributions:

Convection during alloy solidification: The great unknown in predicting the microstructure (keynote for symposium C6)
A. Ludwig et al.


LMPC 2021
(Liquid Metal Processing & Casting Conference)

September 19-22, 2021, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Deadline for Abstracts: 08. Jan. 2021

our contributions:

Modeling electrochemical effects on electric current distribution in electroslag remelting (ESR) process 
E. Karimi-Sibaki, A. Kharicha, M. Wu, A. Ludwig, J. Bohacek

A numerical study on the impact of a time-varying axial magnetic field on an industrial vacuum arc remelting (VAR) process
E. Karimi-Sibaki, A. Kharicha, M. Wu, A. Ludwig, J. Bohacek


(9th International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Metallurgical Processes in Steelmaking)

October 04-07, 2021, Vienna, Austria
Deadline for Abstracts: 22. Jan. 2021

our contributions:

The role of mold electromagnetic stirring (M-EMS) in the dissipation of superheat in the mold region of billet continuous casting
Z Zhang, M.Wu, H,Zhang, A.Ludwig, A.Kharicha

Modelling Asymmetric Flow in the Thin Slab Casting Mold under Electromagnetic Brake
A. Vakhrushev, A. Kharicha, A. Ludwig, M. Wu, G. Nitzl, G. Hackl., Y. Tang, J. Watzinger