Modelling the As-cast Structure in Large Steel Casting

An industrial steel casting might easily weigh from a few kilograms up to a few hundred tons. They can be cast either as conventional ingots or poured continuously to form slabs or billets. Typical as-cast structures are presented in the form of columnar or equiaxed crystals, but mostly in the form of mixed columnar and equiaxed. Due to the large tonnage, the castings may take days or weeks to solidify. Different transport phenomena occur, e.g. crystal motion and melt convection, which lead to heterogeneity of the as-cast structure and alloy composition. Understanding these phenomena is of our key interest.

This research has the potential to control the as-cast structure and minimize the macrosegregation in industry castings (ingots and continuous casting of steel, DC casting of non-ferrous alloys) by optimizing the casting parameters. It may aid industry to design new solidification processes (e.g. semi-continuous casting of steel). A smart model allows an integration into industry 4.0 as an important tool for the virtual/intelligent manufacturing.


The primary aims and objectives of this research topic are:

  • To understand the formation of the as-cast structure of steel castings that are manufactured at an industrial scale;
  • To develop a numerical model for the mixed columnar-equiaxed solidification considering columnar-to-equiaxed-transition (CET) and macrosegregation;
  • To model the electromagnetic stirring during continuous casting, and its effect on the as-cast structure (crystal fragmentation);
  • To apply the numerical model to aid industry to optimize the casting processes (ingot, continuous casting);
  • To apply the numerical model to aid industry to design a new casting process (semi-continuous casting);
  • To further evaluate the numerical model by comparing the modelling results with laboratory experiments and plant trials.


Examples of recent achievements are given in Fig. 1. Further details on that topic can be found in

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