Upcoming Int. Conferences

TMS 2022 Annual Meeting

February 27–March 3, 2022, Anaheim, California, USA

Our contribution:

In-situ Observation of Coupled Growth Morphologies in Organic Peritectics Under Purely Diffusive Conditions
J. Mogeritsch, W. Sillekens, A. Ludwig

6th Int. Conf. on Advances in Solidification Processes (ICASP-6 conference)

20–24 June 2022, Le Bischenberg, France

Our contributions:

Equiaxed crystal migration and remelting: an important species/energy transport mechanism in alloy solidification
M. Wu, H. Zhang, Z. Zhang, C.M.G. Rodrigues, A. Ludwig, A. Kharicha

Potential eutectic accumulation in single crystal turbine blade due to geometry effect: a numerical study
H. Zhang, X. Liu, D. Ma, A. Ludwig, A. Kharicha, M. Wu

Influence of the bulk melt superheat on fragment survival and CET during dendritic alloy solidification
C.M.G. Rodrigues, M. Wu, H. Zhang, A. Ludwig, A. Kharicha

On modelling conjugated heat transfer in the thin slab CC mould and solid shell formation under the applied EMBr
A. Vakhrushev, A. Kharicha, A. Ludwig, M. Wu, G. Nitzl, Y. Tang, G. Hackl, J. Watzinger

Observation of peritectic couple growth under microgravity condition
A. Ludwig, J. Mogeritsch

On/Off directional solidification with a planar but tilted solid/liquid interface under microgravity condition
A. Ludwig, J. Mogeritsch, M. Rettenmayr

Liquid Metal Processing & Casting Conference (LMPC) conference 2022

September 18-21, 2022, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Our contributions:

Modeling electrochemical effects on electric current distribution in electroslag remelting (ESR) process
E. Karimi-Sibaki, A. Kharicha, M. Wu, A. Ludwig, J. Bohacek

A numerical study on the impact of a time-varying axial magnetic field on an industrial vacuum arc remelting (VAR) process
E. Karimi-Sibaki, A. Kharicha, M. Wu, A. Ludwig, J. Bohacek